Data centre solutions

Whether you’re moving into a new build or you want to extend the life of your existing space, it’s essential to have the right back-up power infrastructure in place.

When you work with Continu, our UPS engineering team will oversee your project from its design through to installation and commission. We provide simple standalone or fully integrated solutions for server rooms, right through to large datacentres.

One major benefit of working with us is that we are able to handle every aspect of your back-up power infrastructure without you needing to coordinate several different suppliers – this includes the planning, design, build, upgrades, remote monitoring and physical maintenance. You have a single point of contact, which helps keep communication flowing.


The design stage is critical. With our help to get your back-up power infrastructure design right, you are guaranteed an efficient, cost effective and scalable solution that fits with the needs of your business.

Utilising APC’s innovative Design Portal, acknowledged with a 2003 Computerworld Medal of Achievement, we design and specify InfraStruXure® solutions using a Web-based Configurator. We consider:

  • Incoming power quality (frequency of surges/dips and spikes) and power supply (single phase/three phase)
  • The equipment to be supported – type and application, load requirements and total power requirement
  • Run-time requirement – the time necessary to close down systems
  • Access and location – where the UPS will be delivered, off loaded and installed
  • Sizing and possible requirements for reinforcing the floor


Installation and commission


  • UPS
  • Racks and accessories
  • Power distribution, surge protection and power conditioning
  • Security and environmental monitoring
  • Cooling Solutions
  • Battery Solutions
  • Cabling

If you would like to discuss your data centre in more detail and find out about our bespoke datacentre solutions, please Contact us.