Battery solutions

Your batteries are critical to your UPS. The number one cause of UPS failure is battery failure. Continu can help you avoid this.

Battery Testing

Battery testing and monitoring are critical elements of a complete power check-up. We utilise conductance testing for VRLA batteries and SG testing for wet cells.

Did you know all batteries have a lifespan and require testing on a regular basis to identify weak ones that may cause problems?

Worried about your batteries? Contact us to get a system health check!


Battery Monitoring

If you’re operating mission critical systems and relying on the protection of a UPS and battery bank, then it can make sense to have battery monitoring. It’s about peace of mind – knowing that the UPS batteries are healthy and being constantly monitored. We have the training, technology and experience to implement battery monitoring systems. Continu work in partnership with the world leading battery monitoring experts, PowerShield. 

Battery monitoring has three primary objectives:

  1. To provide confidence that there is sufficient battery capacity to operate your systems for the designated time in the event of a power failure.
  2. To identify faults and weaknesses in the battery bank early so preventative maintenance and replacement can be undertaken in a safe and orderly manner.
  3. To ensure that the UPS battery bank is maintained in an optimum environment to maximise its performance and life.

PowerShield Battery Management 

Ensure your stand-by batteries are actually standing by. Data centers, financial services, heavy industry, communications and transport are all critical services that rely on continuous power and can’t afford to be left in the dark.

PowerShield provides Battery Management Systems that continuously monitor and safeguard the flawless execution of the battery whenever the UPS is relied upon to keep your mission critical systems up and running. PowerShield monitors, analyses, manages and reports. PowerShield provides business continuity, reduces reputational risks and allows you to save on needless routine replacement. For further information read about how Continu have installed PowerShield Battery Montoring in one of the latest projects, click here.

Key Benefits

  • Protects your business from losses
  • Maximizes battery life
  • Enhances safety
  • Provides 24/7 alarm notification
  • Provides accurate real time information
  • Reduces maintenance & replacement costs
  • Saves time and improves reliability
  • Enhances site security


“PowerShield battery monitoring systems are used by some of the largest players in the data centre market. In Ireland, we trust Continu to install our systems to the highest standard and often within a tight timeframe. With a proven track record of quality and attention to detail, PowerShield is proud to work in partnership with Continu.” Mark Bailey, PowerShield                                                                                                                                                                           

Why PowerShield?

PowerShield Battery Management is the most complete yet flexible Battery Management Solution available on the market today. The modular structure of the PowerShield solution enables you to monitor all of your installed batteries, it may be a single battery string, a multi system site or all of your sites around the world we even cater for the starter batteries of your generators. All of your systems information can be captured using PowerShield’s comprehensive management software suite named LiNK.

PowerShield’s systems can be incorporated into your Building Management System or DCIM-software. Each system can be equipped with either a Modbus or SNMP communication port, ensuring measurement of all relevant parameters of each individual block, battery and string. The measured values are stored in the central database from which extensive and accurate information about your batteries can be retrieved. This can be used not only to identify existing alarm issues but also the trending of the individual blocks. Alongside this trending information PowerShield’s system also captures each planned or unplanned battery discharge. This enables you to see in detail the real time performance of your battery under load and make informed judgments on your batteries condition.

If you need an expert to advise or help you with the maintenance of your installed batteries, PowerShield offers in cooperation with your local partner the Remote Reporting Service. With this service your batteries are monitored and maintained proactively and the risk of a battery failure is reduced to the absolute minimum.

For more information on Powershield Battery Monitoring, click here.

Battery replacement

By including battery testing in your service support plan, we can help you to detect weak blocks to avoid compromising your entire backup power system before they become a problem.

Continu supply and fit replacement batteries for a wide range of products, ensuring compatibility with your existing system.

Large battery installations for data centres

Our battery building team design and erect stands for new builds, supply and install necessary DC cabling and complete the job to project specifications on schedule. From smaller server rooms to large scale data centres, our team have an unrivalled reputation for efficiency, safety and quality.

Battery disposal

Legally, batteries and UPS systems must be disposed of correctly. We are a registered carrier with the Department of the Environment and hold the necessary certificate of registration under the Waste and Contaminated Land Order 1997.

We remove the old batteries/UPS systems safely, efficiently and according to COSHH and WEEE guidelines to minimise hazards on site. We will provide you with the necessary legal paperwork to safeguard you against any possible breach of the law.

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