InfraStruxure for Data Centres, Server and Network Rooms


InfraStruxure™ fully integrates power, cooling, racks, security and management components plus services for a complete data center solution.

Whether your priority is:

  • Availability – N, N+1, 2N, 2N+1 power and cooling
  • Greatest efficiency
  • Highest density
  • Manageability from rack to row to room to building
  • Greatest agility to rightsize initially and adapt to future needs
  • Lowest 10 year lifecycle cost

You are able to maximize and optimize around multiple performance vectors.

InfraStruxure™ is data center solutions are suitable for environments of all sizes from network closets to the largest data centers regardless of where you are today – whether you are a “greenfield” (new data center) or “brownfield” (existing data center) or you are fitting out an existing room or have a new dedicated building.

InfraStruxure™ can be applied to:

  • Turn any room into an integrated and complete world-class data center
  • Extend the life of your current data center
  • “Step and repeat” with modular facility architecture for large data centers