15 Dec 2017

Introducing the new Galaxy VX

As an official partner to Schneider Electric, we are delighted to introduce the latest innovation in UPS technology to the market.

The Galaxy VX is a new, highly efficient and reliable solution for large data centres and mission critical facilities requiring large scale power protection.   Continu Managing Director Tom Hall and Operations Manager Andrew Wilson were invited to the pre-launch of the product, which is now available to our customers.

Featuring a special operating mode called ECOnversion, it runs at an efficiency level of 99% (compared to the standard 95%), which provides potentially significant cost savings for big energy users.  The Galaxy VX also supports a wide range of energy storage options, allowing future technologies to integrate into existing platforms, making it an ideal solution for growing enterprises here.

For more information on the Galaxy VX, click here or contact one of our team who will be happy to help.