MGE Galaxy 300 helps AVX safeguard against production loss

The project

AVX Backup Power Solution

The background

AVX are a producer of passive electrical devices, including capacitors, resistors, filters and fuses. In the past, every time the company experienced a mains failure, it caused production to stop, resulting in thousands of pounds in loss.

AVX desperately needed a solution to support the production process in event of power failure happening again.

The solution

Continu supplied and installed a MGE Galaxy 300 30kVA UPS with 25-minute backup, which will provide enough time for the production team to maintain continuous systems before their alternate supply is established.

The results

AVX now have peace of mind that in the event of power outages, surges, spikes or brown outs, the UPS protects the critical systems running the production line. This will save the company from financial loss.

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