Fold Housing upgrades UPS to ensure longer run time during frequent local power outages

The project

Fold Housing UPS upgrade

The background

Fold Housing Association provides housing, care and support to over 30,000 homes throughout Northern Ireland. Established in 1976, Fold is now one of the leading Housing Associations in Northern Ireland, supporting over 6,000 tenants in their purpose-built housing. Fold employs over 800 people throughout 96 different work locations in Northern Ireland and provides support to its sister organisation in the Republic of Ireland, Fold Ireland.

Continu had previously supported Fold Housing with a Galaxy 3000 UPS. However, due to a higher level of major power outages in their area, the organisation’s head office required a larger UPS with longer run time as it was vital to their customers that servers were protected.

The solution

Fold Housing preferred a local ‘one stop shop’ for their UPS requirements and approached Continu Ltd for a solution. We carried out a comprehensive site survey and, together with Kate Cronin of Fold Housing, designed the best solution for the company. Based on these recommendations, the MGE Galaxy 300-30kVA UPS with a four-hour backup was installed.

The results

This solution provides Fold Housing with ample time to smoothly manage their call centre operations in the event of a power outage, preventing downtime and data loss.

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