Backup testing and services contribute to Thales gaining ISO 9001:2008 and provide valuable peace of mind

The Project

Thales battery systems upgrade

The background

Thales is a global manufacturing company operating in aerospace, defence, security, transportation, and is a significant prime contractor in these sectors globally. Thales UK is responsible for key research, development, manufacture, supply technology and services to the above sectors in the UK and, in doing so, plays a critical role in safeguarding people and organisations in the nationally and throughout the world.

Thales Belfast required Continu to conductance test all battery systems for emergency lighting systems, generators and UPS, and provide ongoing maintenance on the UPS server room.

The solution

Continu carried out a comprehensive conductance test of all battery systems and provided a detailed report of our findings, complete with recommendations regarding improvements that could be made and future test dates. We also put together a service package to provide ongoing maintenance of the UPS server room to protect the company from downtime and data loss caused by power failure.

The result

The backup services Continu supply to Thales not only provide peace of mind and ongoing advice but contribute to the achievement of ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

“The service provided was professionally designed, planned and implemented to deliver an outcome that exceeded our expectations and was within budget and timeframe. Clear and helpful additional support was also given to train our on-site personnel in the operation and maintenance requirements of the installed equipment.” Trevor Stevenson, Facilities Manager, Thales Air Defence Ltd.

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