Backup power solutions ensure busy Value Cabs call centre is up and running all year round

The project

Value Cabs UPS and Service Support Plan

The background

Value Cabs is one of Northern Ireland’s largest taxi companies with a fleet of almost 600 vehicles. The call centre is crucial to the smooth running of the operation.

In order to ensure complete peace of mind and no downtime during electrical outages or spikes to their servers, Value Cabs requirement was for a reliable brand and enough run time to allow them to safely shut down servers in the event of power problems. Since their busiest period is around Christmas, which can bring weather and consequently power issues, downtime to their call centre is not an option.

The solution

Based on our careful analysis and recommendations, Value Cabs chose the Galaxy 3000 20kVA as it fitted with the load requirements and gives the company room for expansion. Value Cabs have chosen the Gold Service Support Plan.

The result

Value Cabs have the peace of mind of knowing that their call centre would have backup power in the event of an electrical outage and that the company could continue to take calls and bookings, especially over the busy Christmas period when power outages are more common. By choosing the Gold Service Support Plan, Value Cabs can rely on receiving an engineer’s visit within four hours of reporting a problem; spare parts and labour are also covered by the plan for added reassurance and simplicity.

“My business depends on continuous power and for this I need complete peace of mind. I have been a customer of Continu Ltd for a number of years; they are reliable and I am impressed by their responsiveness and advice.” Christopher McCausland, Managing Director, Value Cabs

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